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Since late teens, Eddie, the owner and chef of Toriton Izakaya, has worked in a Chinese kitchen learning from his father the skills of most European Chinese foods. From how to prepare, to the finished product. He then worked in a Chinese restaurant for almost 15 years.


Eddies Japanese experience started when he joined Yo Sushi after getting tired of the same cuisine at the Chinese restaurant where he worked.

In the 8.5 years he worked at Yo Sushi he learned how to prep all European style Japanese foods and how to make most of the product. At Yo he also had the pleasure to teach sushi classes and be instrumental in opening 5 new Yo Sushi restaurants, seeing the demand from the public grow more and more for this type of cuisine.

Toriton Izakaya, Yakatori
Toriton Izakaya, Kitchen

After Yo Sushi he worked for a short time in a Sky TV kitchen, there he started to learn to cook some European foods broadening his knowledge further. He then moved to work for a Danish company who have a number of restaurants called Stick and Sushi. It was here he was able to learn lots of skills using the Robata grill and BBQ, which most of Izakaya in Japanese served.


After 4 years of working for Stick & Sushi, he was gifted the offer of working for Home House a private membership club, then moving on to Kurobuta for a year where he learned and created more of the Izakaya experience.

The popular tea shop in Coulsdon, Tea Culture was where he started to combine his knowledge and skills of the different cuisines to start creating new ideas and menus while looking for the perfect place to start his restaurant, bringing of his and learned and created to life.

In order to be able to bring more of his ideas to life it had to be a resturant of his own, so Tori Tamuro was born. With the help of his wife Emi he was able to combine he knew while adding a little of bit of Emi's home town food.

There is still lots of dishes he wants to try in new and fresh ways but only so much he can put into a menu. So watch out for some great specials now and again that shows off his creative flair for the food cultures he loves.

Toriton Izakaya, Tea Culture
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