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A La Carte

Allergen Codes -
G= Gluten | C= Crustaceans such as Prawns, Crabs and Lobsters | E= Eggs | F= Fish | D= Dairy | MU= Molluscs such as Mussels and Oysters | SE= Sesame seeds | S= Soybeans | SU= Sulphites


Flamed Edamame

Chargrilled with butter. Served with lemon and sea salt. ( G. D. S )


Tuna Crunch

Tortilla crisps, tuna, chive, Masago and truffle ponzu ( G. F. S. )


Roulette Crunch

Upgrade Style with Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, seabass, crab meat, Guacamole mix


Chirashi Sushi Bites

Sashimi, fish roe, omelet served with sushi in a baby gem lettuce ( F.G.S.E)


Avocado Wonton Bombs

Diced avocado, crab meat, jalapeno dip, chive and coriander served in a wonton cup (C.G.)


Sweet Potato Fries

Buckwheat coated sweet potato fries served with kimchee mayonnaise (E.)


Squid Karaage

Spicy squid karaage with wasabi mayonnaise (F.G.E.)


Spicy Hot Wings

Fried confit chicken wings with Korean hot spicy sauce (G.S.)


Chicken Karaage

Fried chicken served with miso aioli (G.E.S.)


Beef Tataki

Lightly seared beef fillet served with spring onion, garlic flakes and ponzu soya (SE.G.)


Tender Stem Broccoli

Branch broccoli served with daikon mix, dried onion and soya (S.G.)


Soy Salmon Gravlax

Cured Salmon with Truffle ponzu and daikon mix


Grilled Cauliflower

Grilled with Goma dressing


Chicken Gyoza


Pumpkin Korokke

with sweet chilli sauce



Kushiyaki is a formal term describing skewered, charcoal grilled food.


Chicken thighs ( S.G )



Pork Belly (S.SE.G)


Yakiniku Beef

Beef ribeye ( S.SE.G.MU)



Chicken meatballs ( S.SE.G)



Mushrooms rolled up in sliced beef ( S.SE.G )


Pineapple and Bacon

Fresh pineapple wrapped in bacon ( SU.)


Goat Cheese and Parma Ham (D.SU)


Arabiki Sausage

Japanese pork sausage ( SU.S)


Salmon Teriyaki (F.S.G)


Hotate Yaki

Scallop (M.S)


Tamago Yaki

Egg and crab stick omelette (E.C.S.G)


Eryngii Mushroom Yaki (SE.S)


Courgette and Mozzarella


Grilled Corn


Robata Yaki

Robata is an Izakaya style of food where items are cooked at varying speeds over a robata grill

Baby Pork Ribs

Slow cooked ribs with crunchy spice mix ( S.SE.G.)


Lamb Chop

Marinated in herbs with Korean style spicy sauce (S.G)


Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled chicken thigh glazed with teriyaki sauce (S.G)


Miso Salmon Belly

Marinated in miso, grilled and glazed with sweet miso sauce (F.S.G)


Beer-Grilled Steak

Beer marinated ribeye steak with mustard teriyaki sauce (S.SE.G.MU)


Beef Teriyaki

Dice Ribeye beef with Teriyaki sauce (S.G)


Tiger Prawns

Grilled king tiger prawn grilled served with garlic butter (C.D.S)


Nasu Dengaku

Miso glazed eggplant with sweet miso sauce (S.)



Cabbage heart with teriyaki sauce ( S )


Pork Belly Bun

Slow cooked pork belly in Bao bun with pickles and sweet miso sauce (S.G.)


Grilled Korean Short Rib

Grilled marinate beef short rib with wasabi cabbage


Tempura and Katsu

Tempura items are deep fried in a light Japanese batter.
Katsu dishes are panko coated and deep fried. Panko is breadcrumbs made without crusts.

Softshell Crab Tempura

With black pepper sauce and wakame seaweed ( G.C.SE.S.)


Prawn Tempura

Black tiger prawn with Macha mayonnaise (C.E.G)


Lotus Tempura

Lotus roots with Yuzu Ponzu soy (G.S)


Asparagus Tempura

With Ponzu mayonnaise ( G.S.E )


Tofu Katsu

Deep fried panko tofu with sweet chilli sauce ( S.G.)


Chicken Katsu

Deep fried panko chicken thigh with Tonkatsu sauce ( G.S.)


Salmon Katsu

Deep fried panko salmon fillet with Ponzu Mayonnaise ( F.G.S.E.)


Prawn Katsu

Deep fried tiger prawn with Tonkatsu sauce ( C.G.S.)



Goma Wakame


Miso Soup


Spicy Miso Soup


Steamed Rice



Fresh, raw fish or meat sliced into thin pieces. Often eaten with soy sauce and wasabi.

Sake Sashimi













King Fish





Maguro Tataki

Lightly seared tuna served with daikon mix and Yuzu ponzu


Suzuki Tataki

Lightly seared seabass served with kizami wasabi salsa, daikon mix and yuzu ponzu



Fresh, raw fish or vegetables sliced into thin pieces laid on a bed of sushi rice

(Unless stated each portion contains 2 Pieces)

Sake Nigiri

Salmon ( F )


Maguro Nigiri

Tuna ( F )


Tai Nigiri

Seabream ( F )


Suzuki Nigiri

Seabass ( F )


Hamachi Nigiri

King Fish (F)


Hotate Nigiri

Scallop ( M )


Maguro Tataki Nigiri

Lightly seared tuna ( F. SE. G. S )


Sake Tataki Nigiri

Lightly seared salmon ( F. SE. S. G )


Gyu Tataki Nigri

Lightly seared slice of beef fillet ( SE.S.G )


Ebi Nigiri

Cooked tiger prawn ( C )


Tamago Yaki Nigiri

Egg and crab stick omelette ( E. C. S. )


Inari Nigiri

Sweet tofu pocket



A roll filled with sushi rice and a filling of your choice

Sake Maki

Salmon ( F )


Tekka Maki

Tuna ( F )


Avocado Maki


Kapa Maki



Spicy Tuna ISO

Spicy tuna mix with cucumber, avocado and chilli Mayonnaise topped with spring onion ( F.G.S.E. )


Crispy Prawn ISO

Tempura prawn with avocado and truffle Mayonnaise topped with tempura crumb ( C.E.G.)


Salmon & Avocado ISO

Salmon and avocado with miso aioli topping and mix sesame seeds (F.E.SE.G.)


Smoke salmon & cream cheese ISO

Soft cheese and cucumber topped with smoked salmon ( F.D.)


California Roll

Crab stick, cucumber and avocado with truffle mayonnaise and topped with massago ( C.E.F.)


Dragon Roll

Crispy prawn and cucumber topped with avocado and tempura crumb, macha mayonnaise and cucumber mousse ( C.E.G)


Hell’s Fire

Spicy tuna mixed with cucumber and avocado topped with tempura crumb and a short of Saki
Try your luck on the super spicy piece! ( F.)


Fish Futomaki

Lightly seared fish, cucumber, avocado and pickled onion with spicy Mayonnaise ( F.SE.E.)


Spider Roll

Tempura soft shell crab, Japanese pickled and salad with black pepper sauce


Rainbow Roll

With Salmon, Tuna and White fish and avocado topping


Temaki sushi

Simple hand rolled cone sushi

Salmon and Avocado (F)


Spicy Tuna and Cucumber (F)


Crab Meat and Cucumber (C)


Tamago Cucumber and Avocado (E)


Season 4 & 5

Duck Futomaki

With cucumber and spring onion


Duck and Pineapple Kushi-Yaki


Spicy Chicken Katsu Futomaki


Vegetable Futomaki


Chillean Seabass-Yaki Temaki


Grilled Chillean Seabass


Vegetable Gyoza


Soybean Spring Roll


Chillean Seabass ISO


Salmon Tataki ISO


Assorted Vegetable Tempura

Broccoli/Asparagus/Lotus/Aubergine/Sweet Potato


Season 6

Parsnip chips with truffle ponzu sauce


Marinade Duck Breast tataki


Sear Dill Salmon Sashimi


Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs


Prawn Gyoza


Eel Sushi Roll


Eel Nigiri (2 pieces)


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